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At ResMac, we stand out because we DELIVER on promises made. We UNDERSTAND a home loan is about your life and the well-being of your family, and we are RELENTLESS in our pursuit of PERFECTION. We stand out because each member of ResMac, C.A.R.E.S. That is more than just a word to us. It is our MISSION.


C - Conscientious

A - Adept

R - Resourceful

E - Ethical

S - Strong


Let us EARN your TRUST and show you how VALUES drive our business and ultimately, your SUCCESS


We will work to meet and EXCEED your expectations. On that you have my word.



Jay Byars

Branch Manager


Good Faith Mortgage was started in 2001 with a simple premise: Conduct business with integrity at all times and provide value to our clients. For over 10 years we have been doing just that. Our experienced staff will always look to provide you with the best service, and above all else, stand on our character to do what is right: every single day. Our strategic partnership with ResMac Mortgage Lending has enabled us to deliver the highest in customer service and competitive pricing. We are confident you will agree.


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